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About DeKalb

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                                                                                    •    As the only county in Georgia
                                                                                     with a chief executive
                                                                                     officer, DeKalb County’s CEO
                                                                                     works independently of
                                                                                     the legislative branch and
                                                                                     represents all districts.

                                                                                   •    The county includes 12
                                                                                    wholly encompassed
                                                                                    municipalities and parts
                                                                                    of the City of Atlanta.

                                                                                  •    More than 43% of DeKalb
                                                                                   County residents have a
                                                                                   bachelor’s degree or higher

               1900-                                              1960-
               1950                     1960s                      2010                    2019

          DeKalb County is mostly   Farmland disappears as the   Population increases rapidly   DeKalb County is a
           agrarian and known       county transitions into a   and becomes more racially   commercial, cultural,
            for granite quarries    more urban area, eventually  and ethnically diverse.  industrial, and educational
             and dairy farms.        having more miles of                              hub with a population of
                                    interstate than any other                          more than 740,000 and 13
                                      county in Georgia.                                  municipalities.

                                                                        DeKalb Chamber of Commerce     404-378-8000
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