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Georgia fly fishing is an unforgettable experience for                                                       Q.  How do I know which fly    sleeves, pants, and river shoes while
                                                               beginners and skilled fishermen alike.                                                                         to use?                 others may prefer a tank top and
                                                               North Georgia hatcheries distribute more than one million trout                                              A. There is one simple rule to help you   shorts or a bathing suit.
                                                                                                                                                                            pick the perfect fly: match the hatch.
                                                               annually across 30 North Georgia counties. Additionally, lakes,                                              Use a fly that imitates whatever insects
                                                               streams, tidal creeks, and even the surf teem with fish species that                                         are abundant at your fishing spot.
                                                               will find your flies attractive. Here are answers to your top questions                                      Hatch makeup changes throughout the
                                                               about fly fishing in Georgia.                                                                                year and across the state, so the best
                                                                                                                                                                            suggestion is for you to tap into the                   FLY
                                                               are especially spectacular. Sunfish,
            FAQs                                               bass and crappie are popular summer   course, flies. If bringing your own gear,                              Q.  What should I wear on a                            FISHING
                                                                                                                                                                            expertise of the local bait shop.
                                                                                         also need waders, boots, reels and, of
                                                               fly fishing targets in Georgia lakes
                                                                                         ensure boots and waders have been
                                                               and streams. Winter is a good time for
                                                                                                                                                                              fly fishing trip?
                                                                                         cleaned prior to entering a stream to
                                                               redfish on the coast and summer is a
                                                                                                                                                                            A. Great question! Every angler should
                                                                                         prevent spread of foreign contaminants.
            for fly fishing in Georgia                         great season for tarpon.    If you are booking a guided trip, the   Q.  Where can I get a    along with the standard license if you   go prepared with sunglasses, hat,
                                                                                                                                                                            plenty of sunscreen, suitable clothing
                                                                                         guide service or outfitter may provide all
                                                               Q.  What gear do I need for a
                                                                 fly fishing trip?       the gear you need in the price of the trip,   fishing license?  will be fishing for trout.    and footwear, and rain gear. In spring
                                                                                                                                                                            and fall (and even winter), it is
                                                                                         except for a Georgia fishing license.
           Q. Where can I fly fish in Georgia?  coast where the prey is more likely to   A. A standard 9’ 5-weight rod will   A. You can buy a Georgia fishing              recommended that you dress warm, in
           A. North Georgia is the most popular   be redfish, triple tail or tarpon.  handle just about anything in North   license at a Walmart in Georgia, at   Q.  Do I need to know how to fly   quick drying layers that you can remove
           place to fly fish for trout. Trout                  Georgia, while a 9’ 7-weight rod                          many bait-and-tackle stores in the   fish before I do a guided trip?  as temperatures rise. Bring waders and
           prefer cold water, so the 4,000 or so   Q.  When is the best season/   is perfect for any inshore fishing     state or go online to https://license.  A. Absolutely not! Georgia’s fishing   wading boots (if not provided by your
           trout streams in the North Georgia   time of year to fish?  situation in coastal Georgia’s tidal     guide services generally will tailor a   guide service). During the summer, dress
           Mountains are the fly angler’s go-to.   A. Fly fishing in Georgia is a year-  creeks. A 10-12 weight rod is ideal for                  trip to your needs and experience level.   cool in sun protective lightweight fishing
           But fly fishing takes place all over the   round opportunity. If you plan to fish   fishing for tarpon, bull redfish, sharks,   CustomerLookup.aspx. Make sure to   Most have no problem providing proper   clothes, which for some may mean long
           state, including the tidal creeks of the   specifically for trout, spring and fall   and other large targets. You’ll likely   get the separate trout fishing license   instruction to those who need it.
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