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woodlands stretch beyond the horizon    Table of Contents
                                                                and are home to hundreds of species,
                                                                from the plentiful to the endangered.
                                                                Georgia’s wetlands, swamps, islands     2   How to Use This Guide
                                                                and marshes embellish our coastline       & Activity Icon Key
                                                                along the Atlantic Ocean.
                                                                  Year-round activities, festivals and     4  Top 5 Waterfall Hikes
                                                                events make our history and heritage     8  Top 25 Georgia Flowers
                                                                throughout the state come alive for
                                                                the whole family. Come see why our
       WELCOME   Welcome                                        natural treasures, our dedication to     10  FAQs for Fly Fishing
                                                                preserving and enjoying them, and our
                                                                                             12  Top 12 Georgia Animals
                                                                eagerness to share them with others
                                                                make Georgia the ideal choice for your
              to Georgia Outdoors
                                                                next outdoor adventure.
                                                                  Use this guide to get started on
                                                                your Georgia adventure, then visit
                eorgia is the place for everyone   experiences on the planet. From the for
                to have fun outdoors, whether   mountainous Appalachian Trail to   expanded listings for camping, hiking,
            G you enjoy hiking, biking,   the Atlantic Ocean beaches, you’re   fishing, swimming, sports, and so much
             sailing, swimming, fishing, canoeing,   guaranteed to return to explore our   more. You can also download hundreds
             kayaking, camping, bird watching, or   natural riches.  of trail maps from the website and get
             just building sandcastles. The peaks,     Georgia’s scenic Appalachian   even more when you download the
                  piedmont, and coastal plains   Mountains are some of the greenest   FREE Georgia Trails mobile app via
                     of Georgia offer some   and oldest mountains on Earth, laced   the website or directly from the
                       of the best outdoor   with rivers and waterfalls. Our central   Google Play or Apple App stores.

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