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Activity Icon Key

                                     Accommodations      bird watching, natural    archery, hunting, gun range, sporting
                                     Adrenaline Adventures
                                                         habitat viewing
  HOW TO USE THE GUIDE   T Northwest Georgia Mountains,   described beginning on page 6, and   FLY FISHING  motorcycle riding, paintball, SCUBA   equestrian camps, platforms,    canoeing, dragon boating,   ACTIVITIES
                                 ATV riding, caving, climbing, kart
 Check Out
                                 racing, kite boarding, motocross,
 How to use the guide
                                 diving, skateboarding, surfing, wake
                                                                                 kayaking, rowing, stand-up paddle
 on page 10
                                                                                 boarding, tubing
                                 boarding, water skiing, whitewater
                                 rafting, zip lines
                                                         primitive, RV, tents
 he map on page 1 divides
                                                                                     Racquet Sports
 Georgia into nine regions –
 include water sports, camping, and
                                     Air Sports
                                                                                  tennis, pickleball, badminton,
 outdoor experiences such as hiking
                                 ballooning, gliding, hang gliding,
                                                         arenas, lessons, polo, trail rides
                                                                                 squash, racquetball
 Northeast Georgia Mountains, Atlanta
 and biking our trails, fishing and
                                 parasailing, sky diving
 Metro, West Georgia, Middle Georgia,
 hunting, visiting wineries, playing
                                                                                     Running Trails
 East Georgia Southwest Georgia,
 golf, and more. “Quick look-up”
 South Georgia, and the Georgia Coast.
 grids show at a glance where you
 Pages 14-49 introduce you to the
                                 kart racing, splash pads
 can participate in these activities.
 Download the FREE
 unique natural wonders of each of
                                                                                 restrooms, tour providers
 these regions. Activities available in     We invite you to contact us at    Discover Georgia Trails App   theme parks, water parks, mini-golf,   (9 or more holes)  fuel, outfitters, restaurants, supplies,
 each of our tourism partners’ areas   912-638-0870 or info@   BMX, mountain biking,     Swimming
 are identified with activity icons    OVER  800 TRAILS!  racing, touring   Hiking Trails  aquatics centers, lakes,
 identified in the key shown here.   to suggest improvements to this             ocean, pool, river
   Some of the most popular activities   publication that can make future
 available throughout the state are   editions even more useful to you.
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