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Heritage Farm
                       at General Coffee
                       State Park

        First stop to experience Coffee County’s many outdoors activities is
     General Coffee State Park. Kids love feeding the farm animals at the
     park’s Heritage Farm. Paddlers and hikers enjoy the Seventeen-Mile
     River and the boardwalk through cypress swamp, allowing glimpses
     of rare pitcher plants, indigo snakes, and gopher tortoises. Bring your
     own horse to ride along 13.4 miles of equestrian trails. The park also
     offers camping, archery, biking, boating and fishing, geocaching, and
        One of the Douglas area’s coolest places to go is the
     Broxton Rocks Preserve, open to the public Easter Sunday
     and June through August. Follow the one-mile trail from the
     gate to a roaring waterfall rushing over rock ledges. Plant life abounds,
     some growing in unusual ways. Green-fly orchids, for example, which
     normally grow on trees, adorn the rock walls at Broxton Rocks.
        Hunt for quail, turkey, pheasant, deer, and wild boar at our three
     hunting plantations, Seven South Plantation, Gopher Plantation,
     and Tussock Bay, or sharpen your shooting skills on the plantations’
     shooting ranges. The plantations have overnight accommodations
     available, so you can make it a full weekend of hunting.
     •   Seven South Plantation
        146 Town Creek Rd., Denton, GA 32473
     •   Gopher Plantation
        312 Gopher Ln., Millwood, GA 31552
     •   Tussock Bay
        8916 State Hwy. 64 E., Axson, GA 31624

        Another local pleasure in Coffee County is
     the scenic drive along country roads to
     pick-it-yourself farms and roadside produce
     stands. Visit the local winery and pick your own fruit
     at Paulk Vineyards in neighboring Irwin County, and you
     don’t want to miss the Southern delicacies at Holt’s Bakery,
     Amazing Grace Bakery  and Pearl, A Cottage Makery!

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