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Lizette Leanza
                                                                                           Director of Education
                                                                                               Vino Venue
                                                                                             What makes
                                                                                          Dunwoody a metro
                                                                                          Atlanta hub for the
                                                                                            culinary arts?

                                                                                          Conveniently situated just
                                                                                        outside of Atlanta, Dunwoody is
                                                                                        a gastronomic paradise offering
                                                                                          guests a complete culinary
                                                                                         experience. Dunwoody visitors
                                                                                        can choose from dozens of chef-
                                                                                       driven restaurants, wine bars and
                                                                                         breweries featuring everything
                                                                                       from international cuisine, upscale
                                                                                       bistro-style fare, and family-friendly
                                                                                       grub. With so many places to drink,
                                                                                       dine, and discover, Dunwoody is the
                                                                                       perfect destination for a romantic
                                                                                       date, friends’ night out on the town,
                                Lynn Deutsch                                            or dinner with the entire family.
                              Dunwoody Mayor

           Dunwoody is a vibrant city, brimming with culture and energy.
          Our world-class restaurants, award-winning entertainment, and
           artistic flair give the city an identity and a heart unparalleled in
          metro Atlanta. But don’t just take our word for it. Let the movers

          and shakers in the local arts and culture scene in Dunwoody tell                    Barbara Flexner
                     you why our city is a can’t miss destination.                                Co-president
                                                                                          Dunwoody Fine Arts Association

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