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Alan Mothner
                                                                                     CEO, Spruill Center for the Arts
                             Carol Niemi, PhD
                            Vice President of Marketing
                         The Dunwoody Preservation Trust                          With Dunwoody only being a
                                                                                  city since 2008, how have the
                                                                                   arts contributed to building
                   How has history informed                                            the city’s identity?
                and shaped the arts community
                         in Dunwoody?
                                                                    Dunwoody as a city has long focused on the arts, culture,
                                                                     and placemaking in its planning efforts. With the recent
              Art depicts individual artists’ vision of their world at
               a particular time in history. An example of this in   passage of the Public Art Master Plan and the formation
             Dunwoody was the sign painted on a shed behind the     of the Dunwoody Arts Commission this past year, we are
              Spruill Gallery after the historic 1998 tornado. On a   beginning to see the fruits of that labor blossom across the
             simple white background in all-cap black letters was   city. The arts are uniquely positioned to capture the zeitgeist
             a message so powerful it was for years reproduced in   of a community and reflect the cultural values and ideas
             posters, yard signs, and refrigerator magnets. In 2020,   that make Dunwoody a special place to live, work, and play.
             it was resurrected as yard signs sold for charity. The   Organizations like Spruill, CREATE Dunwoody, and other
              message was universal: “EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.”       arts-based nonprofits are key to this ongoing dialogue and
                                                                   help to weave together the cultural fabric of our community.
                                                                   In today’s chaotic environment, art speaks where words are
                                                                    unable to explain, and help us all to define what it means
                                                                           to be a part of our growing hometown.
                                    Allison Cash
                                  Production Manager
                                   Stage Door Players
                                                                                   Frances Schube
                                  What makes the                              Organizer, Dunwoody Arts Festival/
                                 performing arts in                                   Splash Festivals
                                Dunwoody special?                          Aside from your own event, what is
                                                                            your favorite thing about the arts
         The performing arts in Dunwoody are special because so many
          people from around Atlanta get to come together and create          scene in Dunwoody and why?
        something special. We come from all walks of life and have so many   The City of Dunwoody is morphing into a place
        differences, but in the theater, we have one common goal. I think it’s   where citizens and visitors can enjoy fun art
         beautiful for us to all be able to come together and create magic.  exhibits, creative indoor and outdoor art de-
                                                                            signs, and colorful events throughout the year.
                                                                           The artists who participate in the Dunwoody Art
                                                                             Festival also comment that the shoppers are
   How do the arts contribute to the identity of Dunwoody?                  the most energetic and welcoming – and sales
                                                                             are extremely brisk during the Mother’s Day
      The visual arts play a vital role in the life of Dunwoody. With the strong support   weekend show. I have lived in Dunwoody for
        of local businesses and the city government, artists both live and work in   more than 30 years, and I can definitely feel the
       Dunwoody and exhibit their work in multiple settings. The Dunwoody Fine Art   artistic magic that is happening around the city.
      Association is one of several arts-related organizations in the community. The
     DFAA helps coordinate and support exhibits at private and public venues through
        open calls for art, painting murals and the picnic tables near restaurants,
        rotating art exhibits on the walls of many offices. In Brook Run Park, DFAA
       artists are responsible for murals at the skate park, the decorated tank in the
       community garden, and sculptures that are beginning to appear around the
       park. As an ongoing project, DFAA provides art supplies and programming to
          children in need. DFAA is a regionally recognized arts organization.
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