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                                                      F                      UN
                                                                 The Village at Dunwoody
                                                                 When David Abes was a kid in the 1970s, he
                                                                 remembers that Dunwoody’s outdoor mall
                                                                 was surrounded by mostly farmland. The mall
                                                                 had business, but it didn’t have the “vibe.”
                                                                 Abes describes how the storefronts in the
                                                                 open courtyard were not thriving when he
                                                                 revisited the mall in 2019.

                                                                 By Lydia Cobb

                 s founder of Dash             “We trademarked the name          stage with an outdoor screen for
                 Hospitality Concepts, it’s   Funwoody,” said David Abes,        sporting events.”
                 David’s passion to revitalize   entrepreneur behind The Village.     Five Dash Hospitality Concepts-
        A distressed businesses. He          “People are honestly just having fun.   branded restaurants are central to the
        envisioned the community gathering   They can come from the gym or come
                                                                                 experience: BAR(n) is the first brick-and-
        space our town now thrives in.       from business. They’re walking in ...
                                                                                 mortar restaurant in the space and just
          Welcome to “Funwoody” or,          bringing their dog.” The Village at
                                                                                 celebrating its first year last Fall 2022.
        The Village at Dunwoody, where the   Dunwoody has established a new trend
                                                                                 Patrons enjoy this wine, craft beer, and
        open courtyard is filled with people   of togetherness.
                                                                                 whiskey bar serving charcuterie boards,
        gathering in comfortable seating, at     “It’s all ages. Family friendly,” said
        tables, and enjoying the restaurants and   Abes. “Right now, it’s mostly Dunwoody   flat breads and other bites through the
        communal space for live music, festivals   people, maybe 80 percent. But different   seasons. It’s a friendly place with a wide
        and sports games.                    towns are coming over. We have a big    variety of labels for local beers, fine
     8                                                       Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber | | 678.244.9700
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