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Georgetown South Island


        Georgetown County - SC’s Hammock Coast

        OUR C OMMUNITIES                       Rice and indigo were the major cash   ANDREWS
                                            crops in South Carolina in the 1800s, and   (POPUL A TION 2 ,852)
           For many, a neighborhood is just as   Georgetown produced more than half of the   The town of Andrews is nearly 110 years
        important as the dwelling they call home.   nation’s entire rice crop. You can still visit   old and, while small in size, has much to offer,
        Georgetown County has plenty of distinct areas   some of the plantation homes from that era.   including the perfect setting for encounters
        for every kind of resident.            Today, Georgetown enjoys an ideal   with nature along the Black River and many
                                            balance of historical presence and   scenic trails. The town is known as the home of
        CIT Y OF GE ORGET O WN              progressive culture. A walk down the streets
        (POPUL A TION 8,77 9)               of the city will take you through a preserved   entertainer Chubby Checker who popularized
                                                                                the 1950s dance, “the Twist,” and birthplace of
           Georgetown has the legends and   historic district filled with quaint, singular   legendary comedian Chris Rock.
        landmarks befitting its standing as South   shops and revitalized historical family
        Carolina’s third oldest city. The area has   homes, bed and breakfasts, and museums,
        heard Native American war drums, seen   open to the public.
        American colonists declare freedom from the
        British, and savored the harvest of rice fields.
           First settled by the Spanish along the
        Sampit River in 1526, Georgetown is rich
        with nearly five centuries of history and   Georgetown was rated
        cultural heritage. Founding Fathers with ties    the #1 Best Coastal Small Town
        to Georgetown include Thomas Lynch, Jr. (a    by USA Today in 2018.
        signer of the Declaration of Independence),
        General George Washington and the
        Marquis de Lafayette.

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