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Legend says Murrells Inlet was founded by Captain Murrell in the early
        18th century. Pirates and freebooters used the narrow, winding channels
         to evade larger British Navy vessels. Nearly a century and a half later,
         blockade runners used the inlet’s ability to conceal supplies for their
        Civil War units. The blockade runners were followed by rum smugglers                                        A T - A -GL
         in the early 1900s, who used winding inlet channels to bring in and
         stockpile bootleg liquor during Prohibition.                                                               ANCE
           While the cool coastal waters no longer lend themselves to colorful
         pirate tales, this quaint fishing community still offers plenty of adventure.
        Outdoors, vast marsh surroundings and natural wonders invite
        exploration. Closer to home, Georgetown County’s culinary adventures
         start in Murrells Inlet, known as the “Seafood Capital of South Carolina,”
         where there are numerous places to dine on delicious, fresh-off-the-dock                            Pawleys Island
         seafood along the Marshwalk.
                       Sources: Sperling’s Best Places 2017;  L OCA TION & DRIVING DIS T ANCES
                   U.S. Census Bureau American FactFinder, 2017-2018
                                                                 South Carolina’s Hammock Coast is oriented northeast to southwest.
        CLIMA TE
                                                              Geographically, the area is quite flat; coastal elevations do not exceed
                                               AVERAGE ANNUAL
             76 F         ANNUAL               SUNSHINE       50 feet above sea level. Georgetown County covers nearly 815 square
                                                              miles, making it the eighth largest county in the state geographically. The
             ANNUAL       LOW                  210 DAYS       cities and beaches of Georgetown County are connected by U.S. Highway
             HIGH 54 F                    AVERAGE ANNUAL      17, which runs north to Myrtle Beach and south to Charleston. Other

           TEMPERATURE 65 F               RAINFALL: 56 IN.    highways in the area:
                                                                 U.S. 701 runs north to North Carolina from Georgetown.

                                                                 U.S. 521 runs west to I-95, Sumter and Columbia.
        Source: U.S. Climate Data 2018                           U.S. 17A runs south to I-26 and I-95.

                                                                                      New York, NY
                                                              DIS T ANCE IN MILES
                                                              T O MAJOR U .S. CITIES

                                                                                                   Washington, DC

                                                                                    Atlanta, GA

                                                                   Southeastern U.S.
                                                                                                  Miami, FL

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