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Downtown Art Walks take
                                                                           place on Friday evenings in
                                                                           North Wilkesboro.

                                                                                    Local legend says Ronda was named
                                                                                 for the local estate “Roundabout,” the
                                                                                 residence of Benjamin Cleveland, a
                                                                                 colonel in the North Carolina militia during
                                                                                 the Revolutionary War. Although a small
                  About Us                                                       town, Ronda is known for its access to
                                                                                 outdoor activities, vineyard festivals, and
                                                                                 exceptional hospitality. Ronda is home
                                                                                 to East Wilkes High School, East Wilkes
                                                                                 Middle School, and Ronda Clingman
       Foothills to the Mountain Peaks                                           Elementary School.

                                                                                 MORAVIAN FALLS (pop. 1,495)
                                                                                   In the foothills of the Brushy Mountains
                                                                                   is Moravian Falls, named for its 35-foot
                ilkes County is a cornerstone

                                               Arts and outdoors are two hallmarks of
       W        of northwest North Carolina   North Wilkesboro. Browse local works in   waterfall and the brothers of Moravian faith
                and gateway to the Blue Ridge
                                                                                 who settled here in 1753. (The Moravian
                                            Wilkes Art Gallery, catch a performance by
        Mountains. Music and cultural festivals, acres   the Wilkes Playmakers, fish along Reddies   faith grew from what is now the Czech
        and acres of parks and green spaces, and   River in downtown, or enjoy miles of trail   Republic.) Moravian Falls is a popular
        long, flowing rivers give residents and visitors   on the Yadkin River Greenway.   residential area for families. Wilkes Central
        the feeling of knowing they’re in a cultural                             High School, Central Wilkes Middle School,
        oasis not far from big city life. It’s where many   WILKESBORO (pop. 3,578)  and Moravian Falls Elementary School are
        choose to live, work, and play and where      Wilkesboro is a Small Town Main Street   in Moravian Falls.
        industry is thriving.               Community and has been the county seat
                                            since 1778, when the new Wilkes County    Other Communities
        WILKES COUNTY (pop. 65,806)         was formed. The Town of Wilkesboro was
           Established in 1777, Wilkes is the state’s                                  (Unincorporated)
        13th largest county at more than 757   incorporated in 1847.
        square-miles of foothills and mountains.      The town maintains its original layout   • Boomer  • McGrady
           We are home to a diverse slate of   from more than 200 years ago on the
        industries, including Fortune 500 mainstays   south side of the Yadkin River, with a   • Brushy      • Millers Creek
        Tyson Foods and Lowe’s Companies,   courthouse square, Main Street, and a     Mountain
        manufacturers of textiles, furniture, and   vibrant downtown.                             • Mt. Pleasant
        construction materials. We also enjoy      Wilkesboro recently revitalized its   • Clingman  • Mulberry
        strong agritourism and ecotourism.       historic downtown to include the Carolina
           Wilkes County is a hub for culture, arts,   West Wireless Community Commons,   • Cricket  • Purlear
        entertainment, festivals, and countless   a public space that features the Wilkes
        outdoor pursuits.                   Communications Pavilion stage, a concert   • Fairplains  • Roaring River
           Wilkes County is easily accessible   lawn, firepits, and a connector to the
        to major interstates leading to other   Yadkin River Greenway.            • Ferguson      • Traphill
        notable areas in North Carolina, including      Cub Creek Park is adjacent to   • Hays    • Windy Gap
        Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem.   downtown and contains many amenities,
                                            such as baseball fields, basketball and
        NORTH WILKESBORO (pop. 4,247)       pickleball courts, walking trails, mountain
           Norfolk Southern built its terminus   biking trails, trout fishing, a dog park, and
        railroad depot near the banks of the   picnic shelters. Wilkesboro is also the
        Yadkin River. The depot still stands in the
        heart of downtown North Wilkesboro,   home of the annual MerleFest, FaithFest,
        the Key City to western North Carolina   Carolina in the Fall music festival, Teens on
        since the town was founded in 1891. North   the Greens, and Brushy Mountain Peach &
        Wilkesboro is also known as the Town   Heritage festivals.                   Did you know?
        of Two Rivers, which largely defines the                                     The American actor and comedian
        nature-loving lifestyle here.       RONDA (pop. 559)                         Zach Galifianakis was born in
           Entrepreneurial roots run deep here,      Ronda is a hamlet northeast of   Wilkesboro, NC and is an alumnus
        from the beginnings of NASCAR on the   Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro along the   of Wilkes Central High School.
        North Wilkesboro Speedway to the founding   Yadkin River, one of Wilkes County’s largest
        of Lowe’s, to the many small businesses in   rivers. The town is a short drive to multiple
        the revitalized downtown area.      vineyards and wineries.                                                                             About Us   3
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