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Wilkes County

                                                        IS A
                   Relocation Destination

                                                                                           by Michael Hall
        W          live after Fred’s retirement   subdivision are walkers,” Fred
                    hen Fred and Linda Costello
                                            “Many of the neighbors in our
                   considered where they would

                  from a 43-year career as a
        dentist, Linda took the lead.       Costello said. “So in the period
                                            of about two months, we knew
        “She said, ‘you picked where we lived when   all of our neighbors very, very
        you worked. I get to pick where we live   well. In Florida we knew
        when we retire,’” Fred Costello chuckled.
                                            hundreds of people, but none
        It didn’t take Linda long to settle on Wilkes   of them were our neighbors.”
        County, where the family had already
        maintained a vacation home for 17 years in   That showed Costello their move from
        the Moravian Falls community. That was in                                movement of people leaving major cities for
        early 2020. By the time the couple and their   Ormond Beach, Fla., to Wilkes County was   more relaxed and bucolic settings. Combined
        six-year-old grandchild arrived, COVID-19   the right call.              with the No. 12 lowest cost of living in North
        pandemic restrictions had been imposed   The Costellos are not alone. Wilkes County   Carolina, according to, and
        on gatherings and how nearly everyone   has seen an influx of people moving to   ample outdoor recreation opportunities,
        conducted business. So, to entertain   the area to take advantage of the lifestyle   Wilkes County has become a popular
        themselves, the Costellos took to the streets.   here. The pandemic only accelerated the   relocation destination.
                                                                                “Wilkesboro is relaxed, laid back, friendly,”
                                                                                 Costello said. “It’s not the hustle and bustle of
                                                                                 where we used to live. What made me want
                                                                                 to move here was the community feeling.”
                                                                                 Since arriving, Costello, a former Ormond
                                                                                 Beach mayor and Florida state representative,
                                                                                 said his family has found a strong faith
                                                                                 community and good people they can trust.
                                                                                “It makes us feel at home,” Costello said. Linda
                                                                                 has joined a local quilters group. Fred joined
                                                                                 the Wilkes County Chamber of Commerce, the
                                                                                 North Wilkesboro Rotary Club, and has gone
                                                                                 through the Leadership Wilkes program.
                                                                                “Everyone is here to support each other, and
                                                                                 we like that,” Costello said. “It has a feeling of
                                                                                 home. When you come here, you’ll spend a
                                                                                 couple of days and let your blood pressure go
                                                                                 down a little bit. Take a short hike. Take a bike
                                                                                 ride on the (Yadkin River) Greenway, go visit
         FRED & LINDA COSTELLO                                                   the museum, and you’ll end up meeting
                                                                                 people and never wanting to leave.”

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