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                                                                                    THE AREA

                                                             Wilkes is the state’s   the south side of the Yadkin River, with
                                                           13th largest county at   a courthouse square, Main Street, and a
                                                        more than 757 square-miles   vibrant downtown section.
                                                     of foothills and mountains.
                                                  We are home to a diverse slate   Wilkesboro offers laid-back living and
                                               of industries, including Fortune 500   plenty of opportunities for outdoor
                                             mainstays Tyson Foods and Lowe’s     recreation such as mountain biking,
                                             Companies, manufacturers of textiles,   birding, and kayaking. The city hosts
                                             furniture, and construction materials.   several festivals, including MerleFest,
                                             We also enjoy strong agritourism and   which celebrates Americana music on
                                             ecotourism. Wilkes is easily accessible    the Wilkes Community College campus.
                                             to major interstates leading to other
                                             notable areas in North Carolina, including   Ronda (pop. 438)
                      The Mountains          Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem.    Ronda is a hamlet northeast of Wilkesboro
                  and So Much More                                                and North Wilkesboro along the Yadkin
                                             Wilkes is a hub for culture, arts,   River. The town is a short drive to multiple
                                             entertainment, festivals, and countless   vineyards and wineries and Stone Mountain
       W      ilkes County is where pristine   outdoor pursuits. Parents and students   State Park.
                                             experience a high-quality educational system.
              natural beauty and thriving
        communities come together to produce an   People move here for many reasons, but   Local legend says Ronda was named for the
                                                                                  local estate “Roundabout,” the residence of
        unmatched quality of life. From the foothills   mostly because it is an excellent place to   Benjamin Cleveland, a colonel in the North
        to the mountain peaks, Wilkes County is a   live, do business, and raise a family.   Carolina militia during the Revolutionary
        place where people care about each other and                              War. Although a small town, Ronda is known
        their environment, where an entrepreneurial   North Wilkesboro (pop. 4,382)  for its access to outdoor activities, vineyard
        spirit fosters growth and prosperity, and   The Town of North Wilkesboro, formed   festivals, and exceptional hospitality.
        where arts and culture thrive.       in 1891, was founded to reap the benefits
                                             of the railroad and provide a commercial   Moravian Falls (pop. 3,018)
        Wilkes County (pop. 65,969)          center on the north side of the Yadkin River.   Just south of Wilkesboro, unincorporated
        Wilkes County is a cornerstone of Northwest                               Moravian Falls derives its name from its
        North Carolina and gateway to the Blue   Entrepreneurial roots run deep here, from   35-foot waterfall and the Moravian Church
        Ridge Mountains. Established in 1777,   the beginnings of NASCAR on the North   that purchased property here in 1753.
                                             Wilkesboro Speedway to the founding of   Moravian Falls is a popular residential
                                             Lowe’s, to the many small businesses in the   area for families. Wilkes Central High
                                             revitalized downtown area.           School and Central Wilkes Middle School
                                                                                  are in Moravian Falls.
                                             Arts and outdoors are two other hallmarks
                                             of North Wilkesboro. Browse local works in   Other Unincorporated Communities
                                             Wilkes Art Gallery, catch a performance by   • Boomer  • Hays
                                             the Wilkes Playmakers, fish along Reddies
                                             River in downtown, or enjoy miles of trail   • Brushy Mountain  • McGrady
                                             on the Yadkin River Greenway.         • Clingman      • Roaring River
                                                                                   • Cricket       • Traphill
                                             Wilkesboro (pop. 3,687)               • Fairplains    • Windy Gap
                                             Wilkesboro has been the county seat since   • Ferguson
                                             1778, when the new county of Wilkes was
                                             formed. The town was incorporated in
         DOWNTOWN WILKESBORO                 1847. Wilkesboro maintains its original
                                             layout from more than 200 years ago on
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