Page 5 - Barrow Economic Development Report 2017
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            With the passing of the Transporation Act, University Parkway / 316

            interchanges move up timeline.

        ?   Four interchanges scheduled for construction along
            University Parkway / 316 are moving forward. Design
            and right of way has been completed for Highway 81
            and University Parkway/316 with construction slated
            for July 2017.
        ?   The State Road & Tollway Authority awarded Barrow
            County a $1.08 MM grant to complete the County
            portion of funding for the West Winder Bypass. The
            fully funded $90 MM project will connect University
            Parkway / 316 to SR 211 and I-85. Right of Way
            acquisition began in 2016 with construction of Phase
            I and II set for January 2019.

        ?   Barrow County Airport resurfaced the 5,500 foot Runway 13-31, one of two
            cross runways, and hosted the movie production team for 5th Wave. The
            airport has an Instrument Landing System (ILS), Fixed Based Operator (FBO),
            75 hangars and can support aircraft up to 50,000 lbs.
        ?   The Winder Barrow Industrial Building Authority and Barrow Economic
            Development completed a new entrance road into Park 53 Industrial &
            Technology Complex. The new road, primarily funded through a
            $500,000 grant from the Governor's Office, provides access to the 180 acre
            parcel south of University Parkway / Highway 316 and supports marketing
            efforts and prospect site visits.

        ?   Park 53 Industrial & Technology Complex was timbered to enable
            prospects to better view the large acreage and visualize their
            industry on the site.
        ?   With the help of our State Legislators, Barrow County leased an
            additional 37 acres of Ft. Yargo State Park property from the State
            Properties Commission and the Department of Natural Resources
            for the potential expansion of recreational activities and services.

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