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                                                                                              Contributing Editors

                   LIFES TYLE                 4                                           Keith Barclift  Marcy Kernea
                                                                                          Logan Boss   Jack Killian
                                                                                          Raye Brooks  Jamie Lawson
               T OURISM              20                                                   Marissa Brower  Jessica Long
                                                                                          Amy Carol    Sandy Matheson
                                                                                          Jim Childs   Chris McKeever
                                 BUSINES S              34                                Bill Clark   Yvonne Morgan
                                                                                          Suzanne Clover  Lora Ogdon
                                                                                          Jeff Craig   Jim Ogdon
               EDUCA TION                  42                                             Martha Eaker  Ian O’Shea
                                                                                          Lisa Edge    Bob Palermo
                                                                                          Ray Figueroa  Cindie Patty
                   HEAL TH CARE                     50                                    Ontario Finch  Randall Peters
                                                                                          Randall Franks  Denia Reese
                                                                                          Tanner Goodrich  Tammy Roberson
                                                                                          Talley Green  Jennifer Simpkins
                                                                                          Richard Groves  Dr. Bill Moore Smith
                                                                                          Dr. Chris Haddock Katie Sponburger
                                                                                          Jay Henry    Jason Thomas
                                                                                          Steven Henry  Nick Waber
                                                                                          Rhonda Johnson  Dan Wright
                                                                                          Amber Jordan

                                                                                             Cover photo of Battlefield Parkway
                                                                                             in Fort Oglethorpe.
                                                                                             Photo by Mike Key

                                                                                               Printing  Starkey Printing Company
                                                                                        Production Manager  Linda Peppers Derrick
                                                                                        Creative Production  Graphic Advertising
                                                                                            Art Director  Rob McAllister
                                                                                           Photographers  Marissa Brower
                                                                                                      Amy Jackson
                                                                                                      Bob Keebler
                                                                                                      Mike Key
                                                                                               Writers  Marisa Brower
                                                                                                      Mike Haskew
                                                                                                      Robert J. Tamasy

                                                                                                         HIGH COTTON
                                                                                                       John Shadden • Linda Peppers Derrick
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                                                                                                PUBLICA TIONS
                                                                                         1002 South Crest Road • Rossville, GA 30741
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