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 good life

                                      The residents of our close-knit
                                      communities are surrounded by
                                      the picturesque hills and valleys of
        The lifestyle                 North Georgia. Life is a satisfying

        here is                       blend of leisure and workdays, time                        It’s family
                                                                                                 and friends,
                                      to relax and time to take care of
        laid-back,                    business. Finding a place to rest or                       nature and
                                      to get busy with shopping, dining,                         history and
        and the                       recreation, sports and outdoor                             heritage.

        friendly                      activities, or sightseeing is simply                       It’s a warm
                                                                                                 summer day,
                                      a matter of looking around.                                a cool autumn
        locals are                    The making of livable communities                          evening,

        a source                      in Catoosa County begins with the                          a brisk winter
                                                                                                 morning, and
                                      people, hard working, industrious,                         a springtime
        of pride                      and always ready to enjoy the natural                      breeze.

                                      beauty and scenic wonders of the                           It’s Catoosa
        to the                        surrounding area. A modest cost of                         County, and

        community.                    living is complemented by the                              it’s home.
                                      proximity of Catoosa County to
                                      Chattanooga, as well as the major
                                      mid-South hub of Atlanta, Georgia.

                                      Affordable real estate prices, low
        By Mike Haskew
                                      taxes, a favorable job market,

            Derrie and Kurt Pulver    access to major shopping centers
         entertain friends and        and to the quaint downtown areas
         family on their deck
         that overlooks the           where mom and pop shops thrive
         valley between their         add to the luster of living in
         home and Taylor’s
         Ridge in Ringgold.           Catoosa County.

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