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                                                                                  Flourishing Fort Oglethorpe
                                                                                  The largest city in Catoosa County, Fort
   LIFESTYLE                                                                      Stretching from its connections to Interstate
                                                                                  Oglethorpe is a flourishing municipality.

                                                                                  75 to the rolling countryside where treelined
                                                                                  streets wind through quiet residential areas,
                                                                                  the city is a busy retail and commercial center.

                                                                                  “We have it all,” smiled city manager Jennifer
                                                                                  Simpkins, “great neighborhoods and schools,
                                                                                  abundant shopping and restaurants, health
                                                                                  care facilities, and outstanding recreational
                                                                                  amenities including an extensive multi-use
                                                                                  trail system, canoe launches, baseball fields,
                                                                                  and a large public swimming pool. Our streets,
                                                                                  waterways, and trails provide safe, convenient
                                                                                  connections among these amenities. A
                                                          Gilbert Stevenson Park  canoeist or kayaker, for instance, may enter
                                                                                  the Chickamauga Creek at Lee and Gordon’s
                                                                                  Mills in Chickamauga, meander through
                                                                                  the Chickamauga Battlefield Park, and
                                                                                  dock for lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse
                                                                                  or O’Charley’s, located by one of Fort
                                                                                  Oglethorpe’s canoe launches.”

                                                                                  Since its incorporation in 1949, Fort
                                                                                  Oglethorpe has grown to approximately
                                                                                  10,000 residents, and more than 600
                                                                                  businesses open their doors daily. “We
                                                                                  expect continued growth in the future as
                                                                                  two large commercial corridors, Cloud
                                                       Canoe, kayak, and paddle    Springs Road and Battlefield Parkway,
                                                           board launch ramp on   attract businesses such as Costco and
                                                          Chickamauga Creek in
                                                               Fort Oglethorpe.   Cabela’s. Additionally, the city is the recipient
                                                                                  of a $3 million grant from the Appalachian
                                                                                  Commision to improve the streetscape
                                                                                  along LaFayette Road, the gateway to
                                                                                  Chickamauga Battlefield. These improvements
                                                                                  will draw residents and visitors to the historic
                There are more than                                               downtown destinations,” added Simpkins.
                   600 businesses in                                              The future holds both challenges and
               Fort Oglethorpe and                                                opportunities for Fort Oglethorpe, and
             the restaurant industry                                              being a part of a city on the move is a great

                  makes up a large                                                thrill. “I have been here since 1972,” said
                                                                                  City Councilman Jim Childs. “This is a
            portion of those along                                                very safe place to live and raise a family,
               Battlefield Parkway.                                               plus we have everything that you need.
                                                                                  We are open minded, have an open door
                                                                                  policy, and we try to make the right
                                                                                  decisions for our community and citizens.”

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