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                                                                                                                 H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA

non-traditional high school. In August 2015,    Uniquely
a ninth Grade Center was implemented for        HALL
first-time ninth graders to increase overall
academic achievement and graduation success.    Lanier Technical College was named Georgia’s Technical College of the                                                                      E D U C AT I O N
	 The district has a strong legacy of           Year for 2014.
outstanding achievement in academics,
arts, and athletics and offers a full range of  	 MECHS has 13 locations across North                     PRIVATE SCHOOLS
expanded learning opportunities throughout      Georgia offering a full range of high school
the school year and during the summer           courses in a convenient, flexible, self-paced       Early College Program
intercessions through its community partners.   format. All classes are held in the evening         at Brenau University
Various educational resources and services      so you can work during the day and attend
are provided for students to be academically    school at night. Tuition is 100 percent FREE     	 The Early College program at Brenau
successful and to be prepared for college       for students who enroll at MECHS full time.      University provides the opportunity for
and career pathways upon graduation.            	 Graduates of MECHS earn an official            bright, motivated young women to enter
The district’s mission is to inspire, nurture,  Georgia high school diploma and must             college, earn college credits, and still receive
challenge and prepare students to be            have completed all state requirements for        their high school diploma while pursuing an
successful in a 21st century global society.    graduation, including all mandated state tests.  undergraduate degree at Brenau.
	 Gainesville City School System was one        	 MECHS is fully accredited by the               	 500 Washington Street SE
of the first Charter Systems in Georgia,        Southern Association of Colleges and Schools     	 Gainesville, GA 30501
earning charter status for June 2008-June       and all credits earned are transferable to any   	770-534-6247
2013. In April 2013, the district received a    high school.                            
ten-year charter extending to June 2023.        	 The new site in Hall County opens July
The purpose of charter systems in Georgia       1, 2016. The site is open 4-9 p.m. Monday-
is to allow local school boards to utilize      Thursday. Contact MECHS Central Office via
flexibility in promoting innovative learning    phone, 706-219-4660, or
environments while maintaining specific         Mountain Education Charter High School
achievement and accountability measures.        @ Lanier Career Charter Academy
As part of the charter system status, local     	 2723 Tumbling Creek Road
School Governance Councils have a role in       	 Gainesville, GA 30504
addressing matters that impact their schools    	706-219-4660
as well as making recommendations on   
pertinent issues to the Board of Education.

District Awards/Accomplishments:
	 2015 Georgia School Boards Association
Exemplary School Board, 2015 Golden Radish
Award, Three Georgia Reward High Progress
Schools, AP STEM, AP STEM Achievement
& AP Humanities Honor High School and
Georgia Family Friendly Partnership School
(Enota MI Academy)
	 508 Oak Street
	 Gainesville, GA 30501
	 770-536-5275, Fax: 770-287-2004

  Mountain Education
	 Charter High School

	 Mountain Education Charter High School
is a non-traditional high school serving
students in North Georgia. MECHS offers
a unique opportunity to any student who
wishes to earn an accredited Georgia high
school diploma.

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