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                                                                                                                 H A L L C O U N T Y GEORGIA - USA

                                                  Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network Ribbon Cutting                                                                                          ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

          TAX INCENTIVES                          EDUCATION AND TRAINING                         of Technology. Another 150,000 are enrolled
                                                                                                 in colleges and universities less than an hour
   As one of the best places to do business
in Georgia, Hall County offers attractive            Technology and education equal              away. Business and industry leaders in Hall
incentives to new and existing businesses         progress, so workforce development is a        County also are working with educators from
to encourage the creation of new jobs and         high priority to support existing business     K-12 and colleges to develop apprenticeships,
investment including:                             as they deploy Next-generation technology      work-based learning and dual enrollment
                                                  applications and to encourage growth in        as components to a major workforce
   • Job Tax Credit Program                       complimentary businesses of life science       development initiative.
   • Port Job Tax Credit Bonus                    companies, telecommunications, technology
   • Retraining Tax Credits                       manufacturers, software developers, and           In Gainesville/Hall County, workforce
                                                  tech support industries. Gainesville/Hall      training expands beyond the classroom
   Credits earned in Hall County may be used      County is home to exceptional educational      and serves area businesses and industries
to offset a company’s Georgia corporate           opportunities from preschool to graduate       with customized training programs and
income tax liability in any taxable year follow-  studies. Beyond the two outstanding public     workshops. Gainesville/Hall County provides
ing the year in which the credits are earned.     school systems serving Hall County residents,  access to Georgia job training in an effort
Unused credits may be carried forward up          more than 16,000 students are enrolled         to develop a more skilled workforce, and
to ten years. For more information on Hall        in the area’s four prestigious colleges and    ultimately successful businesses. Training
County and Georgia tax incentives, visit 	        universities – Brenau University, University   partnerships include:
                                                                                                    • Lanier Technical College
                                                                                                    • Manufacturing Development Center

                                                  of North Georgia, Lanier Technical College,    • Georgia’s Quick Start Training Program

                                                  which was named the 2014 Georgia Technical     • Georgia’s Centers of Innovation

                                                  College of the Year, and Interactive College   • Georgia’s Hope Scholarship and Hope Grant

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