Page 3 - Macon Annual Report
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                                                  THE PRESIDENT

                                                                                                        Mike Dyer

                                     2017 marked another year of outstanding accomplishments and
                                     acclaim for our members, our program participants and our staff. The
                                     Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce has been able to expand
                                     its impact in all facets of our Strategic Plan by enhancing events,
                                     programs, and creating an overall stronger network of community
                                     partners. The Chamber works conscientiously to make an impact on
                                     our business community.

                                     Throughout this annual report you will see highlights of an exceptional year.
                                     Our membership grew to nearly 1100 members and we were busy bringing
                                     businesses together through our many networking events.  In 2018, our
                                     Strategic Plan will continue to be focused on bringing added value to our
                                     members. We will do this by offering innovative member services and
                                     programs that meet the ever-changing needs of our business community.
                                     Regionalism will continue to be our mindset as we work with the 21st Century
                                     Partnership and others in our region to keep Robins Air Force Base a strong
               and vibrant employer.

               In addition to our everyday business, we will spend a good part of 2018 working on a
               comprehensive plan that will connect our education partners with business leaders to increase
               the number of companies and student internships and apprenticeships. We will continue to
               make an impact by working alongside our many schools, colleges, universities, businesses,
               industries and community partners.

               One Macon, of which the Chamber was a founding member in 2013, is a group of leaders from
               a wide variety of organizations in Macon-Bibb, charged with guiding the implementation of our
               community and economic development strategy. The group has seen enormous success with
               the Business Education Partnership (BEP) and the Leader in Me program, both of which were
               implemented by One Macon.

               We will continue our advocacy efforts for the TSPLOST (Transportation Special Local Option Sales
               Tax) and the transition of the Ocmulgee National Monument to the Ocmulgee National Park and

               As you can see, great things are happening in Macon-Bibb that will ensure that we remain the
               best place for business. Your membership with the Chamber of Commerce is an investment in this
               process…and if we each continue to make an impact, that investment will pay vast dividends for
               years to come. Additionally, we are entering our fifth year of the Total Resource Campaign and
               expect to continue seeing increased revenue from this capital marketing campaign, so that each
               and every action item of our Strategic Plan is realized. Everything we do at the Chamber is guided
               by our singular mission to advance regional business success in the community in which we serve.

               Mike Dyer
               President & CEO
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