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Dade County                        E  s t a blis h e d 1837
                                                   Established 1837
                    HIS    T OR    Y

                                                             One of the bloodiest battles   Trenton Depot
                                                             of the Civil War, the Battle of
                                                             Chickamauga, was fought
       D  ade County is now a thriving destination community of more than   September 19-20, 1863, in Dade,
                                                             Catoosa, and Walker Counties.
          16,000 residents with lively mountain arts and music festivals
                                                             The battle was the most significant
          throughout the seasons. But it wasn’t always like that here in “The
          State of Dade.”                                    Union defeat in the war and had
                                                             the second highest number of
       Dade County, the state’s                              casualties following Gettysburg.
       ninety-first county, was          Historic Courthouse
       established in 1837                                   Citizens of Dade felt alone and forgotten in the northwest corner of the
       as Georgia’s most                                     state. So, they supported the secession effort in the late 1850s, leading to
       northwestern county,                                  the nickname “The State of Dade.” The story goes that Dade County leaders
       bordering Alabama                                                            were so frustrated with Georgia’s delay in
       and Tennessee. The                                                           seceding from the Union in 1861 that the
       174-square mile county                                  Covenant College     county wanted to secede not only from the
       was created from western                                                     United States, but from Georgia as well.
       Walker County by the
       state legislature in 1837                                                    Unlike any other county in the state,
       and named for Major Francis Langhorne Dade, a Virginian who died in the      for its first 102 years of existence Dade
       Second Seminole War.                                                         County was rugged, isolated, and totally
                                                                                    disconnected from the rest of the state.
       The original population of Dade County was composed of an indigenous         In fact, visitors had to leave Georgia and
       band of Cherokee, led by Chief Wauhatchie, who were forcibly removed         go through Alabama or Tennessee to visit
       from the land in 1838 during the Trail of Tears. After the formation of Dade   Dade County by road. There was no road
       County and the removal of the indigenous peoples, Dade County grew           connecting this county in the extreme
       slowly, with the first settlers being those who won land in the Georgia      northwest corner of Georgia to the rest
       land lotteries and those who came to work in coke and coal mines.            of the state until 1939, when the state
                                                                                    purchased Cloudland Canyon.
                                    Among those settlers were
                     Oddfellows Building  businessmen from Trenton,                                   Cloudland Canyon
                                    New Jersey who arrived   That land purchase in 1939 didn’t
                                    to invest in coal mines.   just lead to the creation of one of
                                    Seeking to align the county   Georgia’s largest and most scenic
                                    with the industrial strength   parks – Cloudland Canyon. It
                                    of New Jersey, those same   led to the “rediscovery” of Dade
                                    businessmen changed the   County. In 1945, the county passed
                                    name of the county seat from   a resolution officially rejoining the
                                    Salem to Trenton. There have   Union, more than 80 years after the
                                    been four courthouses in   end of the Civil War.
       the City of Trenton. The fourth and current courthouse is on the National
       Register of Historic Places and replaces the preceding courthouse which   Now we welcome you to Discover Dade, too!
       was burned in the Chattanooga Campaign of the Civil War.                                Paintings by: Heidi Fawn Wilson

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