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Hike &
           MOUNTAIN BIKE
           MOUNT      AIN BIKE                                           Lookout Mountain

                                                                          3+ Miles Round Trip | Moderate
     Ascalon Trailhead New Salem
                                                                         Three states share Lookout Mountain: 31 miles in
      5 Miles Round Trip | Moderate                                      Georgia, 50 miles in Alabama, and 3 miles in Tennessee.

     Check out this 4.9-mile loop trail near Rising Fawn.                Glen Falls Trail and Sunset Rock via Point Park offer
     Considered an easy-to-moderate route, it takes an                   ascending hikes. The longest 3.1-mile trail at Lookout
     average of nearly 2 hours to complete.                              Mountain is Sunset Rock via Point Park.
                                                                         Lookout Mountain
                                                                         1214 Lula Lake Rd., Lookout Mountain, GA 30750
      Five Points Recreation Area Loop

      from Ascalon Trailhead New Salem                            Town Creek Trail Trenton
      15.5 Miles Round Trip | Easy                                 Accessible. Easy.
      Explore this 15.5-mile loop trail near Rising Fawn.
      Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average     Located in Trenton near the town square, the Town Creek Trail
      of 5½ hours to complete with fewer people on the trail.     follows gently flowing Town Creek to Jenkins Park. At Jenkins Park
      Cloudland Canyon State Park                                 picnic tables, quaint park benches, swings, a lovely playground,
      1078 Ascalon Rd., Rising Fawn, GA 30738                     and the city pool await. You’ll know you’re on the right trail when
                                                                  you see the beautiful flower mural and massive wooden sculpture.
                                                                  103 Price St., Trenton, GA 30752
     Cloudland Canyon Connector New Salem
        26 Miles | Strenuous
                                                      FLIGHT P
     From Cloudland Canyon State Park, take the Cloudland
     Connector Trail, a 26-mile trail that connects with the   FLIGHT PARK
     western end of the Moonshine Trail system. Note: a permit
     is required for this long-distance trail if you are connecting
     through Lula Lake Land Trust’s Core Preserve property.
     Cloudland Canyon State Park
     122 Cloudland Canyon Park Rd., Rising Fawn, GA 30738

      Lula Lake and Falls Lookout Mountain
                                                              Lookout Mountain Flight Park Rising Fawn
      13 Trails | Easy to Strenuous                           Let your spirit soar! Hang glide and paraglide with professional
      Step into trail systems that connect with Cloudland Canyon State Park.   instructors certified by the U.S. Hang Gliding and Paragliding
      While many of Lula Lake Land Trust’s trail systems are open daily, the   Association. This is one of the world’s leading flight parks.
      Core Preserve is only open during Open Gate Day events (first and last
      weekends) with required reservations. When reserved, explore 13 trails   If you’re looking for more than a tandem flight, the park offers a
      (8 miles) filled with waterfalls, overlooks, and hardwood forests.   flight school to train you to ultimately launch solo off the 1,340-foot
      Lula Lake Land Trust                                    mountain radial ramp into high altitude flying. What a rush you’ll
      5000 Lula Lake Rd., Lookout Mountain, GA 30750          experience riding the thermal wave! But whether you attempt to make
      706-820-0520 |                             the flight or not, it’s a great sightseeing stop on your journey.
                                                              7201 Scenic Hwy., Rising Fawn, GA 30738
                                                              706-383-1292 |

     4      V isitDadeGA.c om   |   706-657-4488
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