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               W    A TERF       ALLS                                      Howard’s Waterfall Cave Preserve Trenton

                                                                           Owned by Southeastern Cave Conservancy.
                                                                           Permits Required:

                                                                            3 Miles  | Easy
     Cloudland                                                             Step into a horizontal cave 3-miles long. Inside you can
       Canyon                                                              see a sacred area of wall inscriptions written in the
                                                                           Cherokee syllabary – protected by a steel gate.
         New Salem

                                                                           Bear Creek Trail Falls New Salem
                                                                            7.3-Mile Loop | Strenuous  Cloudland
       Waterfalls Trail                                                    Take the Bear Creek Backcountry Trail, a moderate-
                                                                           to-strenuous loop trail near Rising Fawn, a popular
        2 Miles Round Trip | Strenuous                                     trail for camping, hiking, and solitude.

       The strenuous Waterfalls Trail begins at
       the Main Trailhead and drops quickly down                                                    Cloudland
       into the canyon depths to two cascading                             Sitton’s Gulch Trail New Salem
       waterfalls, Cherokee Falls and Hemlock                                                         Canyon
       Falls. The trail includes 600 metal stairsteps                       6 Miles Round Trip | Strenuous
       that can be difficult for dogs.
                                                                           Sitton’s Gulch Trail follows the Waterfalls Trail into
                                                                           the canyon, continuing all the way down to the
                                                                           canyon mouth in Trenton. The trail follows Daniel
                                                                           Creek through open, green hemlock groves,
                                                                           passing overlooks with numerous waterfalls
                                                                           cascading through limestone crevices. Retrace your
                                                                           steps up for a strenuous climb.

                                                                           Lula Lake Falls Lookout Mountain
                                                                           Owned by Lula Lake Land Trust.
                                                                           Reservations Required:
                                                                            4.2 Miles Round Trip | Easy

                                                                           Hike several scenic trails in Lula Lake Land Trust
                                                                           to two tumbling waterfalls: the 120-foot freefall
                                                                           at Lula Falls, and a stunning 20-foot waterfall
                                                                           into an emerald-hued lake.

                                                                           706-657-4488    |    V isitDadeGA.c om
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