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Two Mountains One Valley


 Sit back and enjoy the ride! Roll down the windows, turn on the
 tunes, and feel the breeze on your face as you travel U.S. Highway
 11 and U.S. Highway 136. Wind your way up and down the mountains
 and through the valley as you visit our charming communities and
 take in the awe-inspiring vistas.
 Welcome to a slice of Americana where everyone is welcome to
 explore the grooviest of real-life getaways. From scenic vistas to   Begin Your Epic Road Trip!
 world-class caving, hang gliding, hiking, and nature photography,
 there’s something for everybody in Trenton-Dade.

 Lookout Mountain  Sand Mountain
              Vibrant communities include: New Home, Davis, Fox Mountain
 V ibrant communities include:   When it comes to outdoor adventures, few places offer the same
 West Brow, New Salem, Plum Nelly,   level of rugged beauty and solitude as Sand Mountain. Located
 Head River, Cloudland, McLemore  in the southernmost section of the Appalachian Mountains on the
            Cumberland Plateau, this is the perfect destination for anyone
 World renowned Lookout Mountain is   looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and
 primarily known for its scenic beauty, but   reconnect with nature. Sand Mountain offers panoramic views
 did you know that it’s also home to one   and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, making it
 of the most robust artist colonies in the   the perfect destination for hikers, photographers, and naturalists.
 country? The arts and crafts movement   Hike, bike, pick up some produce, or play a round of golf! There’s
 of the 1940s as well as an iconic music   much to do and even more to see
 legacy are woven into the very fabric of   on scenic Sand Mountain.
 life here. Visit the Plum Nelly artists’ studios, drive the winding mountain
 roads to the historic “Castle in the
 Clouds” now Covenant College, and   Dade Valley
 end the day with dinner at one of our
 local restaurants - Cafe 136, Canyon   V ibrant communities include:
 Grill, or Lookout Mountain Pizza.   Trenton, Wildwood, Hooker, Morganville, Slygo,
 Next, take in a round of golf at   New England, Rising Fawn, Cloverdale
 McLemore (Ranked Top 3 “The
 Best Courses You Can Play in    Start your tour in Wildwood at
 Georgia” by Golf Digest), and    Whittington’s Books & Vinyl, then
 follow that with elevated   mosey on over to Rosie Mae’s Alpaca Farm, Boutique, and Coffee
 dining at the Creag. Stay a   Shop for some fun with the Lewis family. When you’re finished
 while at Cloudland Canyon   there, follow the valley further south and make sure to stop in
 State Park, one of Georgia’s largest and most beautiful parks   downtown Trenton for some shopping on the square. Pick up
 where you can hike, bike, take in the sights, play disc golf,   a takeaway lunch at one of our downtown restaurants, then
 leaf look, star gaze, play cornhole, go fishing, or just relax.   stretch your legs as you stroll down Town Creek Trail to picnic
 Round out your trip with a visit to the Lookout Mountain   at Jenkins Park. After resting near the creek and maybe
 Flight Park where you can dare to fly or maybe just dare to   swinging for a bit, continue your drive southward and take
 dream as you quietly bask in the sunset from the western   in the rural beauty and history of the Rising Fawn and
 rim of the mountain.   Cloverdale communities.

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