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HISTORY  out sacrificing modern technology like top-of-the-line             UNION COUNTY TIMELINE

        broadband services. The local Development Authority
        welcomes businesses with extra assistance like mar-
                                                                      1 820s  White settlers are
        ket research and ready-to-move-in facilities.
                                                                       attracted to the area — currently
                                                                       inhabited by Cherokee Indians —
        THE RIGHT MIX FOR EVERYONE                                     when gold is discovered.
        Union County promises both adventure and solitude.                                               1 832  Union County is created during
                                                                                                           the Georgia Land Lottery. It’s likely
        You can hike up to Georgia’s highest peak, Brasstown       1 835  Blairsville, the County seat,    named after the Union Party, a political
        Bald, or take a relaxing stroll in Meeks Park, our com-     is incorporated on December 26. It     group that supports removing the
        munity park gem. The crisp and clean mountain air is        is named after Francis Preston Blair   Native Americans.
        enjoyable throughout the year, with just enough snow        Sr., a journalist, editor and political
                                                                    adviser to both Andrew Jackson
        to be pretty, but not inconvenient.                         and Abraham Lincoln.                      1 859  The courthouse, which is con-
           When you’re ready to make the move to a place                                                       structed in the center of town, burns
        where your family and your business can thrive, we’re   1 861  County delegates to the state           down. In 1898, the replacement struc-
                                                                                                               ture also burns down.
        here to help. You’ll find everything you need in this   convention vote against secession on
        guide to answer the call to mountain living, from new-  January 19. During the Civil War,
        comer information to a complete list of Blairsville-   which begins in April, the county is             1 899  The courthouse is rebuilt
                                                             split by residents supporting both
                                                                                                                 a third time and serves the county
        Union County Chamber members who are ready to roll   the Union and the Confederacy.                      until 1976, when a new structure is
        out the welcome mat. If you’ve made it to Blairsville-                                                   built off the Square. Today, the orig-
                                                                                                                 inal courthouse is preserved and
        Union County, welcome; you have arrived!                                                                maintained by the Union County
                              ~  S teve                    1 926  The first paved road — running from            Historical Society as a museum,
                                                            Cleveland, Ga., to the North Carolina border — is    research and event space.
                                                            completed. Surveyed by Warren Rabun Neel, the
      Photo: Brandon Montgomery                             new road follows the old Frogtown Indian trail.
                                                            Today, it’s known as GA Hwy. 19/129.         1 930  The Mountain Research
                                                                                                           and Education Center, a University
                                                                                                           of Georgia agricultural extension
                                                                1 930s  The Civilian Conservation Corps    station, is established to teach local
                                                                 (CCC) builds several structures, many of   farmers how to better grow and
                                                                 which are still in use today: Vogel State   diversify their crops.
                                                                 Park, Lake Winfield Scott and the Walasi-Yi
                                                                 Interpretive Center. The Appalachian Trail
                                                                   is also completed.                          1 937  The Chattahoochee National Forest
                                                                                                                is created after the federal government pur-
                                                                                                                chases several large tracts of land in the
                                                                  1 942  Lake Nottely is created when           area. Today, the forest comprises nearly
                                                                   the Nottely River is dammed by the           867,000 acres across 26 counties.
                                                                   Tennessee Valley Authority for flood
                                                                   control and power generation. Nearly   1 991  Highway 515 (the Zell Miller Mountain
                                                                   70% of the 106-mile shoreline is pre-   Parkway) is completed, providing easier
                                                                   served and undeveloped.                 access to and from metro Atlanta.

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