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COMMISSIONER                           grandchildren won’t have to leave the   acres. We also opened the $3.2 million

                                             area to raise their families.
                                                                                 Union County Sports Center, complete
                                               At the same time, it’s good to know
                                                                                 with a double gym and indoor walking
                                                                                 path. It joins the nearby 8-court pickle-
                                             that more than half of the land in Union
                                                                                 ball complex. We are planning a new
                                             County is controlled by the Forest Service
                                                                                 fire station in the northern part of the
                                             and the Tennessee Valley Authority, pro-
                                             tecting it from future development.
                                               Currently, our growth rate is a very
                                                                                 homes a better fire classification and
                                             manageable 1-2 percent. As we add new   county that will provide some 200
                                                                                 faster ambulance response.
                                             residents, I’m grateful for a good working
                                             relationship with the Georgia Depart-   We were able to add
                                             ment of Transportation, which has ear-  several new amenities
                                             marked several million dollars for road
                                             widening projects in our County.     this year, including a dog
                                                                                   park, sports center and
                                             NEW AMENITIES, TOO
                                             Through the challenges this year, we      pickleball courts.
                                             were still able to add new amenities,
                                             including an off-leash dog park at the   I’m proud to say that we were able
                                             Union County Farmer’s Market. Wait   to accomplish everything while main-
                                             for it … we’re calling it the “Farmers   taining a very low property tax rate.
                                             “Barket”! This is in addition to the   For these and so many other reasons,
                                             existing dog park at Meeks Park.    I welcome you to consider making
                                               Parents are excited about the new   Blairsville-Union County your home!  
                                             ball complex that is being designed for
                                             8-and-unders, with four fields on 13           Lamar                                       Photo: Scott Anna

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