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        329 square miles, much of it situated within                       There’s no better
          the Chattahoochee National Forest
          4,784' elevation at Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s        place to be than Union County, Georgia                                                  COMMISSIONER
           highest peak; 1,890' elevation in Blairsville;
         2,792' elevation in Suches                                                                                                    LAMAR PARIS
                                                                   dversity can bring out the very best in a   That said, it was probably    Commissioner
          55.6° F average temperature; 85° F July                  community. I’m proud to say that I saw    the most challenging year in a
          average high; 25° F January average low                        the best of ours last year. As COVID-19   job that I have loved for 20 years. As Sole Commissioner
          56" average annual rainfall; 4" average annual   A A              altered everything from work and school   of Union County, I always say the buck stops with me. A
          snowfall                                       schedules to city council meetings and construction   big part of that is balancing the small-town quality of
          24,511 est. 2019 Union County population;      projects, we pulled together and stood strong.   life we enjoy with the healthy growth we need.
           724 est. 2019 Blairsville population;           I saw it in the dedicated healthcare professionals at
         66.3 population per square mile;                our award-winning medical facilities. It was evident in   KEEPING TABS ON GROWTH
         9,743 Union County households                   our committed teachers who continued to deliver   As I was growing up, I remember many families
                                                         excellent instruction in the classroom and online. I saw   migrating from Union County to Detroit to work in
          $50,021 median household income;               the resiliency of our business community as shops and   the automobile industry. Others took jobs at Lockheed
           $28,953 per capita income; 53.9 residents’    restaurants made sure we all had access to essential   in Atlanta. One of the reasons we have an Economic
         median age; 51% female, 49% male;               goods and services. Our recreation department kept the   Development Authority working hard to bring new
         61% married, 39% single
                                                         playgrounds sanitized and the walking trails open so   businesses to Union County is so our children and
          30512 ZIP code (Blairsville); 30572 ZIP code   folks could get out for some much-needed fresh air.                        continued on next page
          (Suches); 30514 ZIP code (post office boxes)
          706 & 762 telephone area codes
          7% (4% state + 3% county, including 1% SPLOST)
          sales & use tax
          5.375% Georgia individual flat tax rate;
          5.75% Georgia corporate income tax rate

          3 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations within
           the Blairsville city limits:
         #1 & #2 — 333 Fisher Street
         (ChargePoint Level 2 plugs)
         #3 — 302 Beasley Street
         (Panel Built Inc., Level 2 plug)

        Photo: Brandon Montgomery
                                                                       BLAIRSVILLE-UNION COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE   |   877-745-5789   |   |   5
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