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Over the 20th century, Central again   Six Mile
        experienced prosperity and an increase in   Six Mile is another of our towns that is
        population due to the opening of a textile   awash in history and small-town charm.
        mill and the establishment of Central   Its name is linked to the local legend of
        Wesleyan College, now called Southern   Issaqueena, an Indian maiden. As the story
        Wesleyan University (SWU).          goes, Issaqueena set out on horseback to
                                            warn her lover, an English trader named
        During the 1990s, Central grew rapidly and   Francis Allen, of an impending Cherokee
        today has approximately 5,000 permanent   attack on Star Fort. As she rode, Issaqueena
        residents and serves as a home to students   numbered the creeks and landmarks
        from SWU, Clemson University, and Tri-  she crossed on her 96-mile journey,
        County Technical College.           hence Six Mile.

        Central is a relaxed and welcoming   On land that once belonged to the Cherokee
        community that invites visitors and   Nation, Six Mile was signed over to South
        neighbors to join them in its annual festivals   Carolina in a treaty in 1777, but the region
        - the Railroad Festival in the fall, Christmas   was not settled until about 1800 when Scots-
        Parade, and Spring Car Show.        Irish, Dutch-German, and English pioneers
                                            gradually moved in, cleared the land, and
        Recently, the town has announced its   planted crops.
        participation in the Main Street South
        Carolina Program. Through a combination   The community was incorporated in 1910,
        of community engagement, market analysis,   and a few establishments sprung up over
        and organizational positioning, Central   the next few decades. Six Mile was chiefly
        will establish a series of key, market-driven   a farming community until World War
        strategies designed to elevate and focus   II when many men went overseas to fight
        the community’s resources and capacity   and still others moved to bigger cities to
        on building a sustainable, competitive   obtain jobs. After the war, Six Mile became
        advantage downtown. In 2021, Central’s   a community with strong ties to larger cities
        Main Street program introduced a new   where townspeople could find more jobs,
        Farmer’s Market.                    goods, and services while still enjoying their
                                            charming hometown.

                                            Descendants of the original settlers still
                                            populate the town although there have been
                                            several waves of new residents as well.

                                            Year-round the Six Mile community
                                            comes together for annual events including
                                            the Memorial and Independence Day
                                            Celebrations, Community Trick or Treat,
                                            and the Christmas Parade and Ole Fashioned
                                            Christmas. Each spring, Main Street
                                            closes for the Issaqueena Festival/Music
         Six Mile                           Fest when children and adults enjoy free
                                            entertainment, great food, and arts and
                                            crafts vendors.

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