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Clemson Downs
                                                                                   Clemson Downs is a locally and privately owned community, Clemson’s only continuing
                                                                                   care retirement community, offering multiple care options from independent living,
                                                                                   assisted living, memory care, and skilled healthcare. Clemson Downs strives to enrich
                                                                                   the lives of retirees and provide experiences to delight in life’s journey without having
                                                                                   to leave the 38-acre pastoral campus for additional care.
                                                                                   Clemson Heritage Senior Living
                                                                                   With a supportive staff, this community offers independent living, assisted living, and
                                                                                   memory care services. The beautifully landscaped grounds create an inviting atmosphere
                                                                                   for residents looking to enjoy retirement. East of the heart of Clemson, this all-inclusive
                                                                                   lifestyle community offers personalized care, entertainment, fine dining, and more at no
                                                                                   additional cost.
                                                                                   Dominion Senior Living
                                                                                   As a faith-based, all-inclusive, culture-first community, Dominion Senior Living
                                                                                   provides person-centered care while providing a home to those who need assistance in
                                                                                   living or memory support. Conveniently located within Patrick Square, a traditional
                                                                                   neighborhood including a town center, Dominion Senior Living offers 66 apartments
                                                                                   with a selection of floor plans.

                                                                                                                          (864) 654-1200 |
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