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Business and Industry in the Clemson Area

                                                                                          Clemson Area has become a pivotal player in the resurgence of manufacturing
                                                                                          in the state and the U.S., and why several large manufacturing firms have
                                                                                          chosen to operate here. The number of small to medium firms also is growing,
                                                                                          steadily adding good paying jobs for current residents, as well as technical and
                                                                                          engineering students who stay in the area after graduation.

                                                                                          Education & Healthcare
                                                                                          The Clemson Area is known, of course, for the presence of Clemson
                                                                                          University, the largest employer in the area. Clemson University’s teaching,
                                                                                          research, and outreach efforts help drive development and improve the
                                                                                          quality of life in the Clemson Area, the state, and beyond. The University
                                                                                          annually awards more than 6,000 degrees, and more than 2,000 of those are
                                                                                          in engineering, computing, applied science, and science, illustrating the quality
                                                                                          of the area’s workforce pipeline.

                                                                                          Healthcare is another large employment presence, with AnMed Health
                                                                                          employing more than 4,000 healthcare practitioners and support personnel,
       Staying Strong                                                                     and Prisma Health employing nearly 2,000 practitioners and support staff in
                                                                                          the Clemson Area and nearly 30,000 system wide.
       in South Carolina                                                                  Financial Institutions
                                                                                          The Clemson Area has a wide variety of financial institutions that meet the
                                                                                          banking and investment needs of local business and residents. From wealth
                                                                                          management and investment advisors to credit unions and traditional banks,
                                                                                          the area is rich with trusted banking professionals. Review the list of local
         L      ooking for the best place to launch or   spirit. When you explore the opportunities and   financial institutions at by clicking Member
                                                                                          Directory Listing under the Member tab and selecting Finance & Insurance.
                                                 assets of our region, you may find it to be an
                relocate your company? The Clemson
                Area, encompassing parts of Pickens,
                                                 excellent fit for your company.
                Oconee, and Anderson counties,
        boasts assets including light manufacturing,   To engage the strength and support of Clemson
        excellent healthcare, and accessible transportation.   Area business leaders, become a member of the
        Plus, as an epicenter for higher education thanks   Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce. For a list
        to Clemson University, Southern Wesleyan   of members, visit
        University, and Tri-County Technical College,   and click Member Directory Listing under the
        the Clemso Area offers unparalleled access to    Membership tab.
        a highly trained and competitive workforce.
        These qualities make the cities of Clemson,   Building Business Better
        Central, Pendleton, and Six Mile great places    Now more than ever, a trained workforce is
        to do business.                          critical to the growth of manufacturing driven
                                                 by technology. Our region excels in its skill sets
        Positioned near the borders of Georgia, North   training thanks to the programs offered by Tri-
        Carolina, and Tennessee, the Clemson Area offers   County Technical College, Clemson University
        easy access to many markets, a highly educated and   Engineering Department, and Pickens County
        skilled workforce, and an innovative, progressive   Career and Technical College. This is why the

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