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                                                       LETTER from the


                                                         n behalf of the Greater   The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber
                                                         Columbus Georgia        of Commerce is the voice of business in
                                                    O Chamber of Commerce        West Georgia. As you read this publication,
                                                    and the community at large, I   you’ll see the many ways the Chamber
                                                    welcome you to this wonderful   partners with local government, non-profits,
                                                    place we call home.          educational institutions and businesses of
                        BRIAN ANDERSON        As our mantra says, “We Do Amazing,” and   all sizes to give our community the necessary
                            President & CEO  if you spend any time here, I think you’ll    foundation for steady and meaningful growth.
                    Greater Columbus Georgia
                       Chamber of Commerce  find this is true.                     With plenty of small-town charm and an
                                              While Greater Columbus is certainly a   ample supply of big-city opportunity, Greater
                                            place where ideas flourish, businesses thrive,   Columbus has become an attractive place
                                            and innovation thrusts us forward, it’s also   to not only live but also build a business.
                                            a place were families settle down, children   Whether it’s an emerging startup or a
                                            grow, and community is developed.    Fortune 500 company, Greater Columbus
                                              The Chamber of Commerce prides itself   has the support network in place to develop
                                            on being the bridge between industry and   resources, locate real estate and tap into a
                                            the residents. Our staff has an undeniable   qualified workforce.
                                            passion for helping Greater Columbus reach   Whether you’re visiting or relocating,
                                            its potential and we work diligently to ensure   step into the spirit of Greater Columbus
                                            all citizens have opportunities to achieve   and find out how you can be part of
                                            their dreams.                        something Amazing.

                                                                                   or call us at 706.327.1566
                                                                                   to invest in the chamber

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