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                “The people of
                 Columbus are

           constantly striving
           for growth & we’re

             succeeding at it.”                Cotton
              ~Chris Woodruff


                                                     Q & A with Local Innovative Entrepreneur
                                                     Chris Woodruff of the Cotton Companies

                                             Chris Woodruff is a shining example   has been so successful in achieving steady
                                             of the innovative spirit and pursuit   growth since its inception in 1828.
                                             of progress that drives the people of   Chris, a 1997 graduate of Brookstone High
                                             Columbus. From the second floor of his   School, specializes in adaptive reuse and
                                             modern industrial office, Chris looks out over   urban infill projects, several of which have
                                             the revitalized 1200 Block of Broadway in   taken Uptown to new heights. He speaks
                                             Uptown Columbus. The landscape of the city   with a strong reverence for the history of his
                                             has changed significantly since he was a boy   hometown and the accomplishments of past
                                             growing up in the area.             leaders. Chris is confident that he, his peers
                                              Unused buildings have been repurposed,   and future generations have the will and
                                             the waterfront along the Chattahoochee River   knowledge to move the region forward.
                                             has been developed to become a hallmark of
                                             the area and several Fortune 500 companies   Q:    How did growing up in
                                            now call Greater Columbus home.          Columbus shape you?
                                              We sat down with Chris from the offices   A: Growing up, I watched and saw that
                                            of The Cotton Companies, the real estate   anyone  can make a difference. You can see
                                            development and investment firm he   this in Columbus—that it didn’t matter who
                                            founded in 2016, to find out what makes the   you were or what you came from, and I was
                                            people of Columbus tick and why the area   fortunate to grow up with this mentality.

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