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If you want to do something for the right   is an underlying element of appreciation   What’s your favorite
        reasons and people are behind you – you   and cooperation amongst everyone in this   thing about the Greater
        can do it. There’s a sense of community and   community to help innovation succeed.    Columbus Region
        sense of ability to bring about change… you   That is something that has historically
                                                                                 A: That’s tough. I choose to be in Columbus.
        don’t see this as much in a larger city.   been in Columbus…that stems from an
                                                                                 I chose to move back to Columbus (in 2002
        Ultimately, it’s not what’s in the water, it’s   environment where innovation is celebrated,
                                                                                 after attending University of Colorado,
        what’s in the people. If we want to do it, we   and I think what we’ve seen in the past
                                                                                 Boulder). And I choose to continue to stay
        can. If the time is right and the cause is right,   decade is that it is growing even more.   here because of the opportunities that exist
        we’ll roll up our sleeves and we will    And that is a testament, I believe, to the
                                                                                 within the community to build relationships
        do it – together.                    community that is Columbus. Why are we   and show positive movement and change.
                                             such an innovative community? It’s because   It’s an interesting town, with interesting
        Q:    How does the size of the       our leadership truly does embrace the   people. It has a great history and a lot of
             Greater Columbus area           younger generations and they want to help   things to do…as simple as, me waking up
             factor into the ability to      them. And they do. Couple this with the
             bring about change?             incredible public-private partnership we   in the morning and taking my pup, Daisy,
                                                                                 for a stroll on the RiverWalk…then grabbing
        A: Columbus is not a small town, it’s not a   have in this community and all walks of life   lunch somewhere in Uptown. And then
        big town, it’s the perfect size in between. In   can grow. They just have to raise their hand   hopping in my kayak and going whitewater
        Columbus, I – or anyone – can have an idea,   or ask the question “how”.  kayaking. And then culminating the day with
        take it to the right people, garner support,                             dinner with friends in Uptown. There’s so
        implement change, and they can positively   Q:     What is the mission of The   much to do and it’s all in our backyard here.
        impact people or the community in days,   Cotton Companies?              So, my favorite thing to do? Is to experience
        weeks or months. Not years, not decades,   A: At The Cotton Companies, we   everything Columbus has to offer.
        like some larger cities. You can do it in a   fundamentally believe that community can   ~by Andrew Smith & Bonnie Hunter
        reasonable time frame. Columbus is small   be changed through the built environment.
        enough where you can effectuate change,   People experience life on a daily basis through
        but big enough to see the impact made.   the buildings and the parks and the trees
                                             around them. If done correctly, I believe that
        Q:     What drives the               community can be enhanced because of that.
             innovation and culture          And I think our pioneer project, which was the
             in Columbus?                    transformation of two dilapidated buildings at

        A: Going through Columbus’ history you   1230 and 1232 Broadway, is a great case study
        will see marked moments of innovation   to that – as is the median pocket park that sits
        fueled by…locals and transplants. There   out front of those two buildings.

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