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           Gold was discovered near present-day   There’s more than gold in Villa
           Villa Rica in the 1820s. In its heyday,   Rica’s history, however. Check out
           19 commercial gold mines operated   the historical markers in downtown
           in and around Villa Rica. Most of the   Villa Rica. One marks the birthplace
           miners moved on to California in 1849,   of Thomas A. Dorsey, the Father
           and only the Pine Mountain Gold Mine   of Gospel Music. Another marker
           was commercially mined seriously   describes the ancestral home of
           after 1900.          the Tyson family, among the oldest
                                families in Villa Rica. A third marker
                                commemorates the 1957 Villa Rica
                                Explosion, caused by a gas leak in
                                Berry’s Pharmacy that completely
                                destroyed that building and three
                                neighboring buildings, killed 12 people
                                and injured 20 others. The tragedy
                                highlighted the need for both an
                                organized local emergency response
                                unit and the use of odor in the natural
                                gas supply.
           Today, the Pine Mountain Gold
           Museum, on the National Register of
           Historic Places, is a one-of-a-kind site
           with a museum, actual mining sites,
           and gold panning, all within Villa
           Rica’s Stockmar Park.
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