Page 7 - Coffee County Strategic Plan FY19-FY23
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Our Process

        D      eveloping the strategic plan was a true collaborative   the team conducted numerous planning/work sessions,

               process and a purposeful collection of stakeholder
                                                                interviews, focus groups and surveys.
               input focused on developing the direction of our school
        system. Beginning August 2017, the district leadership created   The purpose of this extensive data gathering was to gain an
        an Executive Strategic Planning Stakeholder Committee which   understanding of the strengths and opportunities for growth
        included current leaders from business, higher education,   for the district from the perspective of its internal and external
        civic groups, school and district level administrators, and
        FNGL facilitators. The process also included a Community   stakeholders. We believe this new strategic plan captures those
        Conversation meeting that included approximately 75     perspectives and translates them into a set of targeted focus
        participants from business and civic groups, high education,   areas. The plan was approved at the April 2018 BOE meeting.
        faith-based groups, parents, students, teachers, school and   This plan drives our work and is continuously monitored
        district level administrators and other school staff. In addition,   throughout the five-year period.

                                             August 2017 - June 2018

          WORK/PLANNING SESSIONS            INTERVIEWS                FOCUS GROUPS                  SURVEYS

          u BOE Meetings             u Board of Education       u District Partners         u CCSS Families
          u SP Stakeholder Executive   u Post-Secondary Institutions  u CCSS Families       u CCSS Staff
            Team Meetings
                                     u Business and             u CCSS Staff                u CCSS Students
          u Community Input Meeting    Community Leaders
                                                                u Teacher Adv. Council      u Community
          u School/System Leadership   u Students
            Team Meetings                                       u CCSS Students             u Business/Industry
          u School Governance                                   u Elected Officials
            Council Meetings                                    u Faith-based Leaders
          u School, Business,                                   u EL/Migrant Community
            and Industry Meetings
        Our Strengths

                                                                u   The district’s current Mission and Vision are deeply rooted in
                                                                   the community and will continue to guide us in the future.
                                                                u   The district has strong, innovative leadership and a
                                                                   passionate, committed staff who purposely plan for the
                                                                   future of its students and their continued success.
                                                                u   The district is a charter system and uses that status to
                                                                   ensure flexibility and innovation.

                                                                u   Our community has a rich tradition of supporting our
                                                                   schools, valuing families and working together.

                                                                u   Our local economy is based on a diverse mix of agriculture,
                                                                   manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

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